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De-Mystifying The Immigration Cloud One By One

Lodging applications, and in this case, migration applications, is very similar to pronouncing ‘Bouillabaisse’, a traditional French stew that originated from a port city somewhere in France. So if one is thinking of migrating there without being able to pronounce said word, they may have to re-think their plans…right now.

The easiest contrivance in the language of immigration is take a french course online and whatnot is the fact that the department who handles all the paperwork accepts ever application lodged. Maybe not so much the tatty, half-bitten and half-chewed-in-frustration ones, but we’re currently on the optimistic train so let’s keep rolling away. The key to a successful application is confidence. If one is not confident about their application or the whole shenanigan is just too complicated to handle, then engaging with a registered immigration agent to help with all the dealings, would be quite useful.

A substantial number of complexities are involved with all things immigration, including the ever-popular spouse visa/fiancé visa extension that many are hankering for in this day and age with the abundance in people working overseas.

The controversial issue of “entering the country by marriage” may seem off the ethical scale, but in legal terms, is not as off-handed as one may think. A spouse visa consultant would advice the ‘spouse,’ who is the husband and/or wife (citizen or permanent resident) of the nominated country to apply for this visa for the ‘applicant’ who needs it to enter the country. Clear, concise evidence must be shown (genuine spousal relationship), as this branch of immigration is heavily scrutinised due to an abundant number of pseudo-applications that arise. Get ready for some background checks with this one.

Fiancé visa extension is cheek to cheek with spouse visas, except, these are limited in days far shorter than the spouse visa. When one is successful, it is a requirement for one to marry within a certain number of days or, if issues arise, to immediately apply for an extension. If the requirements are not met, it’s a safe bet that the immigration authorities will have you thrown out of the country faster than saying “Welcome!”

The main things when applying are the accuracy of the information provided and the strength of your supported documents. The criterion doesn’t judge based on the passion to live in that particular country, though of course, it exists in the spouse visa above to some extent. It’s safe to have a consultant and/or an agent to help with the process, as they are very learned with the procedures and laws in the constantly updated system.