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How Carpenters Have Evolved Over Time

The history of the age old profession that is carpentry goes all the way back to the first days when men started using hand tools. In fact, the term itself is a derivative of an ancient Latin word – carpentrius. Literally translated, this loosely means the maker of carriages. Basically, a carpenter is someone who can work with wood from any tree to produce skilled results such as tools, buildings and other objects (such as carriages). They are typically experts in their field, with a very detailed technical knowledge of the different methods and materials they use. They are very skilled in the operation of hand tools. On the other hand, there are other experts that can do that such as builders and if you want to learn something to be a good builder, look for a service that will give you license after. Visit this page for the information on how to have a builders license.

The first of them all
The very first carpenters didn’t have any qualifications. They didn’t have a carpentry certificate, that’s for sure! They were the pioneers of the field, inventing and perfecting tools to work wood better. This was done because there was a dire need for wooden structures to protect from the elements. The first carpenters were so good at their art that some of their work has stood for thousands of years with minimal rot. As the tools evolved over time, carpenters started to refine their skills and their work began to become highly demanded by the rich and the famous of the time. 
The Unions and the Professionals
Carpentry was now a fast evolving trade. In the 13th century, a group of carpenters came together and formed the first common organization. This type of union would later lead to qualifications like the certificate iii in carpentry and more. However, the first legitimate union was formed in the late 19th century, around the time of the Industrial Revolution. This union began to fight for the rights of carpenters in the workplace so that they could have regular working hours and other benefits of a normal job.
Carpenters have been found in civilizations around the world for generations now, and have been essential to the success of a village or of a larger community in the past. This is because of their obvious skill in the construction of structures that weren’t just residential. Without carpenters around, the Civil War would have the wagons for transporting cannon and horses that it needed. The first and second World Wars would have suffered bigger losses because of the lack of proper shoring for trenches. Guns made with wooden stocks would never have existed either! The profession of carpentry is a noble one indeed, and should be treated with the respect that it deserves.