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Planning A Family After Marriage

Most newly married couples dream of the day that they will be able to raise a family together. However, raising a family isn’t always a bed of roses thus it is very important that couples put a lot of thought and planning into starting their own family. While having your own family can be an amazing experience if you are not able to afford the costs that come along with it and the responsibility that comes with parenthood, the experience may turn out to be very stressful. If you are an older couple, then the chances are that you may have built up your finances and your career, giving you the opportunity to start a family earlier. However if you are a younger couple that is still working hard to collect money for your future and build up your career, it is advisable to hold off having your own family until you are ready. Remember, motherhood is a very big commitment and chances are, after you have given birth, you will not be able to work anymore. The expenses start just as you get pregnant from scans to doctors’ appointments and will continue until your children have all turned eighteen. It is important to make certain that both parents are financially stable and have the ability to bring in enough of an income to support a family before you consider having children.
Getting pregnantMajority of couples are likely to get pregnant immediately or at the very least within the first year of not being on birth control. Some couples may however take slightly longer to get pregnant. In most cases, taking longer doesn’t signify any problems but simply is a case of bad timing. If you are in a rush to get pregnant however you may consider seeing a gynecologist or a sex therapist who may be able to advice you on different changes of lifestyle that may assist you in becoming pregnant sooner.
It is common for couples to have to try to get pregnant for a while before they actually do get pregnant. It is important to remember that your body knows best. A successful pregnancy will depend on many different biological factors. There are however certain days of the month around ovulation that will increase your chances of getting pregnant. A sex therapist will be able to advise you on your natural fertility cycle and tell you which days you will be most fertile on. On the other hand, click here for addiction counselling.
Planning your financesIt is important to start putting money aside for your pregnancy as soon as you start planning to get pregnant. Do sufficient research about the costs associated with pregnancy. Remember, all pregnancies are not the same and minor complications during pregnancy and delivery are fairly common. These complications are likely to cost more than originally intended. When saving up, make an allowance for unforeseen circumstances. If all goes well in the best case scenario, you will only have a little bit of extra money remaining in your baby account.