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Primary School: The Foundation Of Society’s Leaders

A lot of people assume that high school is where a child’s development occurs, that that is where they are moulded into the leaders of the future. They could be right, but the fact of the matter is that a child’s first steps are the most important in their lives. This is, of course, primary school (or kindergarten, or Montessori). The education a child gains in his/her early life stays with them for the rest of their lives, whether they are conscious of it or not. With this kind of impact upon their lives, it is only logical that a teachers Perth WA for this period of a child’s lifetime should know exactly how huge their responsibility is.

Moulding the Raw Clay

A child entering into school for the first time is a blank slate that can be written on in whatever way the teacher should choose. It is imperative that this pre-school or primary teacher have followed early childhood courses in order to get an idea of how to teach, guide and nurture the new arrivals so that they grow up to be examples to the rest of society. A wrong style of teaching could, and has before, ended up in making criminals in later years, which is why it cannot be emphasised enough that a teacher must indeed have methods that have been developed over years and years of experience, that shape the raw lump of clay that is a pre-schooler’s mind into a beautiful thing by the time they are ready to enter middle school.

To shoulder the responsibility of setting a child upon the path that he/she has to follow is hard task, and as such intensive training and education of the teacher is necessary. Taking early childhood courses is possibly the best way to gain the level of experience and wisdom required when dealing with these children, because even the method by which they are disciplined has a massive impact on the way they think and behave. Because of this, it is usually recommended that teachers for primary and pre-school classes are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with developing minds.

Academics are not what are most important at such an early stage in their lives, so it is best concentrate more on the behaviour of the children, disciplining them in such a way that they harbour no resentment towards their teachers, but respect you instead, and in training their minds to develop in such a way that they become exemplary human beings in the future.