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Qualities Of A Good Institution

Students go to institutions to learn something new and add it to their knowledge in order to gain qualifications through that. Apart from having good tutors, the institution will further have to be a good place that is fit enough for students to go and study. There are various institutions providing the same qualification. Sometimes, the price might vary from place to place. However, we should give prominence to a few qualities in order to select the most appropriate institute to attend. Visit

The control

It is important that the institute has a proper set of established rules that the students have to adhere to. This will help in order to retain the discipline within the institution premises and will help in avoiding any problems connected to students. This will mostly only be found in well-known prestigious institutions. Hence, this will be a great determinant while choosing the proper place.

The staff

The staff should be well qualified and should have the experience of serving students for at least a few years. It is true that there might be certain teachers or lecturers who are simply good in delivering knowledge even without having many years of experience in doing so. But, in an institute the number of years in terms of experience will prove that the institution is hiring the correct people under fixed criteria to make sure that the quality is kept well and that their service is up to the expected standards. As an example, in order to deliver a lesson in a Cambridge English course, the tutor will need the appropriate experience.

The infrastructure

Make sure that the institution has good facilities. This does not mean that it should have the latest technical advancements installed with expensive classrooms. This means that the environment will have to be good enough to sit comfortably and concentrate on the lesson. Broken ceilings, dirty classrooms and broken chairs can distract students from time to time. It is important that students get separate classroom allocations according to the modules taken. As an example, students of a Cambridge YLE Hong Kong lesson cannot sit with seniors. Additionally, things like rest rooms and availability of proper library facilities should also been seen to.


The recognition given to the institution is a very important determinant. The institute should be certified by the governing body as a place fit enough to deliver the lessons. Furthermore, this will also have an impact on the end certification given to the student and the legitimacy of it.

These are only a few key qualities that you should be checking on. Apart from these, the institution will be a place that respect the diversity of people and act in an unbiased manner towards the students enrolled.