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Why Is It Important To Eliminate Bullying In Schools?

Bullying is a way of harassing someone for the fun of it or simply to annoy them. Most of the time, the kids who bully other kids are being harassed at home and this is there way of feeling good. Or they are doing it to feel superior etc. whichever the reason why some kids bully others it is not acceptable. Bullying can have a very negative effect on the victim. This should stop from the school itself. There are many reasons why bullying should stop in schools. Here are few important reasons.
The victims may be permanently damagedMost kids are bullied severely at school from very young ages and this goes on for a long time. This can have serious effects on a child’s mind. The victim doesn’t understand that this is a joke for them it is an embarrassment and a pain to go through this every day. They can suffer depression, anxiety and even low self-esteem so it is important that schools do their best to eliminate this bullying culture form schools. There can be worse effects like victims turn in to bullies later on in their lives. It is important to teach kids to be nice to everybody and take action against bullying. Any form of verbal or physical bullying should be stopped. Schools can start team building activities to show kids to respect each other and to get along with each other despite of their differences. Most kids bully others because they do not know how to process it when someone is different.
Their education may dropMost victims of bullying in schools have a very negative attitude towards going to school. When they are being bullied and humiliated every day they wouldn’t want to go to school or they may not perform that well. The kid’s education is on the line. Sometimes even brightest students find it hard to concentrate on their studies when they are bullied. Sometimes they are bullied for the same fact that they are smart and good at school work. Bullying can be stopped when the schools take initiatives to build team work and one best way to do this is to have team building activities in schools so they will learn to get along, you can visit the site using this lik for more awesome team building activities. Also bullying should be punished and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If this is not stopped from the school when they are young it will be a never ending cycle.
Victims can be injuredThis is a serious matter, when the bullying goes beyond verbal abuse, they tend to throw and get physical with the victims. There is a higher chance they will be injured and sometimes the injuries can be permanent. For example, if they are throwing them in a pool or a pond just to make fun of them there can be injuries to the victims. And the school is responsible for the wellbeing of children while they are in the school premise. It is important to take measures to stop children from bullying their classmates and it should be taught from a very young age.